Sunday, April 02, 2006

Question Christianity

I just got back from the 'misrepresented' kickoff praise and prayer time. It was sweet to see 75-100 people show up and petition the Lord to break through on campus.

I built a 6' tall, 8' wide wooden elephant in my garage this weekend that says "question christianity" on it.

Good times.

Pray for our campus. Tomorrow morning reverse confession boothes appear in the center of campus!


Matt Mikalatos said...

Oh! I remember the elephant thing from my campus days. Don't you and a bunch of the CCC guys crouch inside and wait for the athiest club to wheel the elephant into their city, and then you jump out with "Knowing God Personally" booklets while they are asleep and wreak havoc?

Matt Mikalatos said...


Look, Mom, I finally have a real friend! Yay!


Now. Go update your blog so I can respond to it some more.