Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quick update

Not having internet in our aparment is killing me. KILLING me!

We're already more than a third of the way through our summer project! Things are going really well. Our summer project team has been amazing and we've begun to see God open up doors with a large number of Croatian students. There's so much to write about and not enough time.

Here's the important stuff.
-I drove in Rijeka for only the second time and didn't die
-There are more than 100 steps up to our apartment.
-We sweat alot here
-I eat a lot of grilled sandwiches and drink a lot of cappucino's

Here's some of what's coming up.
-Grocery shopping later today.
-We have a weekly meeting tonight and a big Story of Soul outreach next wednesday that our students are in charge of!
-Bible studies thursday and friday.
-I'm going flyfishing with Kevin Kneeshaw on Saturday

That'll have to do for now. Later

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So far, so good.

We made it safe and sound to Rijeka, Croatia today. Everything has gone relatively smoothly. Our students are amazing travelers. Jenna did great so far too. We'll see if she sleeps through the night though.

Tomorrow our students will be racing through the city competing in an Amazing race. Thanks for all your prayers!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Summer Project begins

As I write this 12 college students are arriving here (Denver) from around the U.S. to join our summer project team to Croatia. All is a go for what I expect to be a great summer of seeing God at work in our students and staffs lives and in the lives of the Croatians we'll interact with.

Jenna's doing great so far, but the mother of all travel day's starts tomorrow. Please keep us in your prayers.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


We've started packing for our trip to Croatia....a total of 7.5 weeks away from home. Our goal is one checked bag and one carry-on for each of us.

We're officially crazy.

Actually I was thinking about starting a new website about traveling with children. Check it's in the works.

Now, how many pairs of underwear do I need....1 or 2?

Monday, May 05, 2008

Yard Sale Mayhem

Up until now we've just been patrons of the yard sale scene in Bozeman.

All that changed last saturday. We had the mother of all yard sales. 7 families with their stuff in our front yard (strategic traffic zone of Bozeman) plus perfect weather = the perfect storm.

People started showing up at 6:30 am. 6:30! We hadn't even pulled stuff out of our garage yet and one lady asked me if she could rummage around! By 8 am cars were lining the street in both directions and it was non-stop untill noon.

Inventory was moved.

It was awesome.