Thursday, May 08, 2008


We've started packing for our trip to Croatia....a total of 7.5 weeks away from home. Our goal is one checked bag and one carry-on for each of us.

We're officially crazy.

Actually I was thinking about starting a new website about traveling with children. Check it's in the works.

Now, how many pairs of underwear do I need....1 or 2?

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Dave Cross said...

This is a bit gross, but I'm gonna share it with you anyways. Because I'm truthful like that. On a church trip to Mexico City, I had a friend who only took two pairs of underwear. When he got home, he jokingly asked his mom to scrapbook the pair that had 5 shades of brown. My brother Dan only took one pair on that trip, but he didn't have such a bad case of Montezuma's Revenge. I told them they were dumb. =P

But to answer your question, you could always buy your whitey tighties over there. Alternatively, you can turn them inside-out and get double the use before washing.