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Monday, November 09, 2009

The Hole in the Gospel - Review

Join the bigger story of the whole Gospel! It's waiting for you.

Richard Stearn's book The Hole in the Gospel is a convicting, intense look at the state of the western church. Stearns gives a powerful argument that ought to revamp our understanding of what it means to follow Christ and represent Him to a broken world.

Backing his thoughts with some powerful statistics like the fact that if you make more than 25K a year you're richer than 90% of the worlds population, Stearns makes it well known his belief that the world will not hear our message of Jesus Christ if we don't balance proclamation with demonstration.

This book is a bit long, challenging, intense, and almost overwhelming. At times I wanted to set it down and give up because of how bad everything seems. Other times I was moved to tears and torn up inside about my priorities in life. I believe that the themes in this book must be dealt with, not just in the American church, but in my own life. This book has changed my perspective of what I'm calling people to as I ask them to follow Christ

Bottomline...I recommend it. It's a tad bit long and it could've been about 3 different books, but it's a great place to start the conversation on these themes. If you want to understand the brokennes of the world and how we as followers of Christ can have a part in fixing it, this book is for you.