Monday, June 25, 2007

Life in Colorado...for the moment anyway

I feel like I'm melting. It's been about a week of 90 plus temperatures here in Fort Collins. Apparently I've acclimatized to Montana which reserves 90 degree weather for the month of August. Luckily we have air conditioning in our sparingly furnished apartment.

We're off and running with our classes. I've absolutely loved mine. Right now I'm deep in the midst of Biblical Interpretation and Old Testament Survey. I'm creating a mini-commentary on II Sam 9 right now. I'm thinking about naming it 'The McComas Expository Commentary'... I think it could be a big seller. I might post parts of it later. I've also learned more about the OT in the last week than in my entire life combined.

Our sweet little daughter has been a bit of a handful the last week those teeth try to work there way through. She's still adorable and a joy...just a little cranky these days.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jenna's first summit! For more photo's from our time so far in Colorado click the link on the far right.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The eagles have landed

We stopped for lunch at McDonalds somewhere in Wyoming and walked out to see this old fellow posing for pictures in front of his sweet van. I ran to get the camera but by the time I'd returned he'd already gone in for a Big 'n tasty.

Fort Collins!!!

We made it to Fort Collins. We're staying in the Sunray apartments just off the campus of Colorado State University(please note the best place to live in America according to Money magazine). It'll do the trick for 6 it has the hot commodity of air conditioning.

It's 97 degrees today.

We start classes tomorrow. I've got 50 pages of "Encountering the Old Testament" to read.

Friday, June 01, 2007


I regret the delay in blogging.

Quick recap of the last month and half....

-did a bunch of work in our new house(wood floors, paint, tile)
-continued to raise support
-fished one glorious evening on the Madison river
-prepared for summer seminary classes by reading lots
-chased gophers in our back yard
-ate breakfast on our new back porch
-rejoiced as our little girl laughed for the first time

Tomorrow we leave for a week long trip to Oregon. We'll be in Spokane, then Salem (with a day trip to the beach), then on to Prineville. It will be a full trip of friends, family, and ministry partners. This will be a good test of our traveling ability with an infant.

After that we head to Fort Collins, CO for 6 weeks for some seminary classes and then our National staff conference. Should be fun. It's always a little sad leaving Bozeman in the summer's ridicuously beautiful here right now and the fishing is just getting good.