Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stelllllaaaaaaaa!!!!! (use your yelling voice here)

Alexis inspired me to do some bios of my team. This is Stella making herself comfortable in my sink. She makes us laugh, yell and relax. She meows and purrs and when she’s tired having her head rubbed she bites your hand. Her meow is expressive…especially when she meets us at the back door when we come home. She has an affinity for hide and seek and doing her famous “stretch role” in the middle of the living room. She pursues sleep like its her job and she has an addiction to ballpoint pens and how they role around on our wood floor. She's been accused of being addicted to crack by some students who watched her for the weekend. In the morning as soon as I stand up out of bed she sprint outs of the room, bounds down the stairs and waits impatiently at her food dish for breakfast. When she starts to scratch our furniture and we tell her to knock it off, she retracts her claws and with her paws still up on the couch its as if she says, "just chill old man, I'm only stretching." She makes the weirdest noises when she's trying to catch a bug that's just out of her reach...I think she tries to call it in like a duck hunter. She’s only been outside for a couple of minutes so often she sits in the window sill daydreaming in wonderment at the miraculous outside world. When Stella was still a kitten I could make her chase a string until she was so dizzy that she couldn’t walk straight.

Ahhh…Stella you’re incorrigible.

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