Thursday, March 30, 2006

pinch hitter

Last night I filled in last minute for Matt West who was supposed to teach a info/training time for our big outreach next week. The basics that were communicated were how to be involved in the outreach, how to respond to questions about the t-shrt they'll be wearing and preparing our hearts to genuinely love those around us. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 students are involved in this outreach so far. Skeptical me is really starting to believe God is going to use this on our campus.

I'm not hyperspiritual. I've never been one to see a angel or demon behind every rock. But with that said, last night I felt like my mind was under attack. During the time, I felt like my mind was so scattered, jumbled and unclear. At the end of the time I really couldn't remember what I said. I'm not sure if it was clear or not. Hopefully I communicated everything that was on my notes. I can only pray and believe that people caught the heart of this outreach and are taking steps of faith to be lights on campus.

It starts on Sunday night...stay tuned for more details.


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yes, Matt. You made sense and it got a lot of us excited so don't fret.