Friday, March 17, 2006

Bok! (Bye)

It's our last day in Rijeka. Its a beautiful sunny day but the wind is freezing. I had cappucino, pizza, and ice cream today. All of my favorite Croatian food.

Tonight we are taking out the Stinters for a fancy dinner and will say our goodbye's. Tomorrow morning we head to Venice...thats right Venice Italy. Its only 3 hours a way. We stay there tomorrow night and then catch our plane home on Sunday morning.

Last night we had a successful showing of Skibisuit. Somewhere around 30 Croatians showed up for the viewing and got to hear the Gospel. What was neat was that a lot of them were new people. God continues to grow this ministry here and expand its influence. What was also cool was that while we've been here some guys on our team translated the movie so now it has Croatian subtitles. Skibiscuits first translation is done.

After the showing we invited everyone to a cafe upstairs and it was exciting to see all of our team and the Stinters interacting with the Croatians.

Thanks for all your prayers. Continue to pray for this fledgling of a ministry. I'm not sure if fledgling is a word or not, but it sounds good. Pray that God would break through the barriers in peoples lives and rescue them. Pray for strength for the Stint team here. Pray for safe travel for us on the way home. God bless!


Eric Wistey said...

I think "fledgling" is much more appropriate than your use of "infant ministry" in an earlier post. I was actually going to comment on that post and suggest you use fledgling instead. At first when you said infant ministry, I thought the stinters had figured out a way to communicate the gospel to babies and you were going to help with that (which would be cool, I guess), but that didn't make much sense.
Anyway, way to go trusting what "sounds good."

Taylor said...

Fledgling sounds good. It makes me think of some of those young, small birds trying to fly in the bura (the really strong Rijeka wind). Hmmm. I think I like it.

Thanks for coming, Matt! You guys were great. Tell everybody about Croatia and come back soon!