Monday, March 13, 2006

Update from 8 time zones away

Yesterday we got to go to church with the stinters. Even though everything was in Croatian it was really cool. It's a language lesson to sing songs in Croatian. The afternoon was free so we hopped a bus to Lovran just up the coast...see pictures below.

Things are going really well here. We had a great time in the Word and prayer as a group this morning (the stinters had their staff meeting) and then we split up and headed out to the faculties to talk with students and hand out skibiscuit fliers. It was good for all our team to get over the conversation sound barrier and be bold. Emily met a girl who invited her back to speak in her class and invite her whole class to the movie on thursday night. Then about 5 of us went to language class today at 3. It was great fun. We learned our clothes in Croatian. I would definetely try and learn the language if I lived here. The stinters have been great. They're actually functioning really well despite all the crap they've been through.

Tomorrow brings more talking to students and inviting to the Skibiscuit showing on Thursday night. Wednesday we'll take a breather. Some of us will head to Pula to recreate a scene from Gladiator in the giant Roman ampitheater.

Stay tuned!!!


Jody said...

Great pictures Matt! I want to see you in them though. It does look cold but it's no heat wave here either. Love you.

Matt Mikalatos said...

If I hear one more person in Croatia say that having me as their boss is "a lot of crap they have to go through" I think I will just scream.

Matt McComas said...

that's not all they're saying Matt...hahahaha (evil laugh)