Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Sabbath

I'm so enjoying the first full day off I've had in a couple of weeks. I think God was smart when he rested on the 7th day.

I got up this morning and ate some of my favorite cereal...LIFE. Not only is it a good cereal, but in its own cheesy way its name inspires me. I made some coffee...which also inspires me, read about Jesus, then laid on the couch and read the latest National Geographic Adventure magazine.

In this magazine is a story about the Rugby team that crashed in South America in 1972 and barely survived for 3 months in the Andes. The story was made famous by the movie 'Alive,' and by the fact that out of necessity they ate parts of those who died. The article retraces the crazy hike for help that 2 of them took. For some reason stories of human survival in the midst of incredible odds inspire me. Maybe its human nature or perhaps a mans need for a battle to fight and adventure to live.

Well those are my random thoughts this morning...time for lunch with our great friends Steve and Ashley and more college basketball!

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