Sunday, March 12, 2006


We made it to Croatia! Thanks you so much for your prayers…all our travels to Croatia went smooth. Praise the Lord. We arrived Friday at about 5:30pm local time, dropped our bags and went to dinner with the Stinters. I was reintroduced to my favorite pizza place from last summer, Pizzeria Bracera. The pizza hit the spot…I then happily reintroduced myself to my favorite thing about Croatia and grabbed some banana ice cream (sladoled). I made a quick phone call to Jody and then proceeded to sleep for 13 hours! Aaaahhh the wonder of the walmart sleep aid. Don’t worry I’m not addicted or anything.

Today we met the stinters at 11:30 and split up into groups to enjoy lunch at some of their apartments. Michelle, Taylor and Alexis made Mike, Danielle and I a mean plate of spaghetti and garlic cheese bread. Thanks ladies. Then we all gathered again and the Stint team planned a staff hunt for us. We enjoyed getting our feel for the city while trying to find Andy, Marney, Taylor, Alexis, Sarah and Tim. They tried to throw us off by pretending (at least we think) to smoke cigarettes (most of the Croatian people smoke). We ended up at the Trsat Castle overlooking the city where the stinters gave us our orientation/briefing. Did I mention it was a beautiful day today. I then took up Tim and Sarah on their offer for dinner. Two homemade meals today! Finally I met up with Dario for coffee. Dario is my good friend I met in the hallway of the Red Cross from last summer. Continue to pray for him…he is so close to placing his trust in Christ. He has actually explained it to others, but has not surrendered his life!

Lastly, please pray for the big ‘event’ we’re helping the stint team with. The have reserved a room that holds about 150 people for a showing of ‘skibiscuit,’ a ski/snowboarding movie that explains the Gospel, for Thursday night. They are also reserving a café for hangout time afterwards. Pray that the room would be full!

Tomorrow…probably actually the day I will post this. We’re headed to church and then have a free afternoon. I’ll probably head up the coast about 10 miles to Lovran and Opatija with a few of our team.

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