Tuesday, April 18, 2006

a storm a brewin'

This is my imagined conversation with Greater Northwest regional director Matt Mikalatos this weekend when we meet up at the stint/intern kickoff weekend in Portland.

Mik: I'm your regional director hear me roar!

McC: What...did you say something, sorry I was promoting the McComas/Zagorda presidential ticket on my blog

Mik: Go get me some coffee

McC: Sure anything for you

Mik: mwaahahahaha (evil laugh)

McC: why do you laugh like that?

Mik: Like what?

McC: Like you've just concieved a plan to take over the world.

Mik: Its because my diabolical plan is unfolding and I plan to rule the world with my iron fist. I'm Matt Mikalatos! Hear me roar...you must all report to me!

I'll let you know how this plays out this weekend. I'm sure I'll more juicy news to report about the Mikalatos/Culbertson campaign. I hope Mikalatos doesn't fire me for this post.

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