Sunday, April 16, 2006


I need to boast about our friends Mark and Emily in Helena, MT. On friday Jody and I went up there to visit them and spend the night. I was taken into this whole new realm of hospitality from Emily (Mark too, he just doesn't get the credit). When Mark was showing us our room, he pointed out a gift basket that Emily had prepared for had all kinds of easter goodies, a couple of kitchen things for Jody and a fly-fishing gadget for me. Then next to the bag she had gotten us each a couple of magazines...based on our tastes none-the-less (Fly-fishing the Northwest and Outside for me and some home magazines for Jody), and she had a fancy bottled water for us in our bedroom. The next morning a tray with fresh coffee, cream and sugar appeared at our door magically! Emily apologized for the breakfast because she had to leave to go to work. Breakfast was 'just' a beautifully arrayed assortment of bagels, with two kinds of cream cheese and salmon flakes to add to the bagels! If the Emily bed and breakfast is taking reviews on it definitely get 5 stars from me. Thanks Mark and Emily!

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