Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Day 3

Today I was reminded of how crazy a college campus belief. All day it was a eclectic mix of conversations with a wide variety of people and responses. Overall it was really fun to open up healthy dialogue with students in the middle of campus. Not only that hundreds of students got opportunities to have spiritual conversations across campus.

I got interviewed by the Exponent (student newspaper) today too. It makes me nervous to think that my words will be in the paper. I hope she understands our heart behind everything. It was cool though because Stephanie who interviewed me acknowledged that there were things that made her mad about Christianity, and I got a chance to apalogize for those things and by the end of the conversation I really would consider her a friend. She was genuinely interested in what we were doing.

Answer these questions for me, will ya?

Steady flow of conversations and people

This made me sad today. She didn't want to talk and stormed out of the area. I wonder what her experience has been with Christians?

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Taylor said...

praying for you guys this week. It sounds awesome!