Thursday, April 20, 2006

Its Relational

If Jesus was anything, He was relational. He was the life of the party and He was the one who would leave the party to comfort the hurting one. He was the center of attention, and He was the first to give attention to society's most unlovely. He was magnetic, and in the relationships that ensued with the people who were drawn to Him, He was intentional and directional. He seems seldom to have convened Bible study meetings and discipleship groups, but nearly everyone who was around Him changed. Jesus was the consummate discipler.

In like manner, if we are intentional and directional in our relationships with one another, discipleship will happen. Unfortunately it's often difficult totrack it, plan it, and describe it in measurable terms. It's not so quantifiable, but then, neither was Jesus. It's relational; it's often uncomfortably subjective, but it works.

Taken from Ted Haggard's book: Dog Training, Fly Fishing and Sharing Christ in the 21st Century

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