Thursday, April 13, 2006

Blake and little Blake

Last night at Real Life, the subject was suffering. Alot of you heard the story of friends of mine who were involved in an avalanche 15 months ago. My friend Blake, who bacame a believer while in college and was involved in Campus Crusade here at MSU, was killed that day. My other friend Sam, who was also involved while in college, broke his leg and eventually had to have it amputated.

Anyway, last night, Sam and Addie, who was married to Blake shared their story in front of 300+ students. It was raw, emotional, and powerful. They got a standing ovation at the end. They both have experienced pain beyond what I can imagine and yet they cling to the Lord, full of hope, and not only that...they want others to hear the story they've been given!

I was moved to tears last night. Probably a lot because I know these people, but still...what an incredible story of how God carries people in their darkest hour. The night was capped of by a cute little visual aid of Addie's son, little Blake, sitting in her lap and clinging to his mom.

Click here for Blake's story as told by, where he used to work.

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