Tuesday, April 25, 2006

100th post!!!

Can I get a woop-woop for my 100th post!

Also, we had a great time over coffee this morning with Deann who grew up in Prineville, OR with Jody. She is a copy editor at the Oregonion in Portland and she also writes a witty blog about TV for a paper in Anchorage. Check it out for if your making your weekly schedule of tv watching. She admitted to us that her Tivo was so full that she had to delete some stuff before she could record some more.

Now we enjoy some airport food, before heading back to Bozeman. I'm trying not to be fooled by all this nice weather in Portland...I know the truth about the rain and the clouds.


DeAnn said...

Oh, please let the weather fool you and move here! I would LOVE that! (And thanks for calling me "witty." Usually I hear "stupid" or "crazy." Witty is a nice change of pace!)

It was wonderful to see you guys -- just too short!

Hope you had a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

woop woop!