Thursday, April 06, 2006

Day 4

I woke up this morning to a couple of inches of new snow in our front yard and gray skies that were continueing to dump the wet, sloppy spring snow. Thus day 4 of the misrepresented outreach was a little wet.

Two major articles were in the student newspaper today. I (actually my alter ego Matt McCormas) was quoted throughout the main one. They actually did a fairly good job explaining the heart behind this thing and even advertising for our gathering that took place tonight.

Tonight Steve Mathewson and Brian Hopkins answered questions about Christianity in one of the large lecture halls on campus. Let me just tell was a sweet time. The atmosphere was so cool and comfortable. My only thought is I wish more nonbelievers would have experienced it. There were great answers to hard questions, funny questions and laughter. Those two did an unbelievable job. Tonight I believe the non-believers in the room looked long and hard and Jesus Christ and really had no choice but to consider him in a new light.

My prayer for this week is that ultimately people that are far from Christ got a clear picture of who Jesus Christ is. For those that know Christ my prayer is that they would continue to have humble hearts to those around them (not arrogant about their beliefs) but be willing to pursue these kind of conversations with people in a loving way.

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Alexis said...

Over here in Croatia we are closely following your outreach. It sounds awesome! We'll continue to pray for you. And you can go ahead and ship the elephant over to us. We know what to do with that sort of thing. We're experts in this culture...