Saturday, April 22, 2006

Stint/Intern Kickoff weekend

Well its actually nice weather in Portland...I think it's the first time ever for me.

I've gotten to meet alot of the Stinters and interns from the Greater Northwest and have eaten lunch with Andy and Allison who are headed to Croatia to join returning Stinters John, Alexis and Taylor. What a joy to see 40 students giving a year of their lives to go all over the U.S. and the world to tell others about Jesus Christ.

I've been reminded that I love this lane of Campus Crusade...that is the international side of things.

I've learned that I won't be old enough to run for president in 2012. I will only be 33 and you have to be 35.

I've learned that Matt Mikalatos is even crazier than I suspected.


Alexis said...

Woohoo! Names! We've been waiting eagerly to find out who our new buddies will be next year. Of course, nobody could possibly replace Andy, Marni, Tim, Sara, Michelle, and Pete. But we're excited to meet Andy and Allison!

Taylor said...

Yay for two! Come on, Matt. Twist some arms and get us some more! (Just kidding)
I can't wait to meet them.

Matt Mikalatos said...

We tried to get all people who would have the same names as people from last year... thus, Andy. But Allison refused to change her name to Marni. Oh well. John or I will send you guys an email later this week with their contact info. In the meanwhile I gave them your blog addresses, so feel free to write them a welcome note!

p.s. I am not really crazier than Matt expected.

Matt Mikalatos said...

I also suggested that Allison change her name to "Pete". No luck.

John Rozelle said...

Mikalatos, do you really think it was a good idea to give them our blog addresses? Have they already signed on the dotted line?
McComas, sorry about your luck with the whole age thing. Better luck next campaign.

Matt McComas said...