Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Yep we made it home

After enduring a miserable "rooming in" at the hospital last wednesday night they let us take Jenna on thursday. We stayed in Prineville for a couple of days getting to know our little child and then on Sunday we started out on the journey home. Amazingly Jenna did perfect. She slept the entire time the car was started. We did stop to feed her, but the trip went fairly quickly. We've even become fairly adept at changing her diaper in the car.

We came home to a new apartment where someone had snuck in to set up our bed, our bathroom and kitchen. We're still not sure who it was but I'll find out.

We are soooooooooo thankful to be home. Our soul's are filled with peace. Even though everything is not put away or organized yet, it brings smiles to our face to be home. The last month really has been the craziest of our lives (and we've had some crazy ones). We're not sure why things worked out like they did...we may never know why, but we do know that the Lord has blessed us with a beautiful (and healthy) little girl and our hearts rejoice and give thanks to the Lord daily! Thank you all for your prayers, cards, emails, and baby gifts. We couldn't have endured this last month without all of our friends and family.

...now for a some sleep.

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Rachel said...

Congrats on making it home! I know you guys have are glad to start your new normal and get settled into your apartment! Wow, what a crazy month you have had. I hope Jenna and both of you are doing well!

Rachel Norris