Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Going crazy!

No baby yet....I think Jody's going crazy.

We went to the doctor yesterday and everything was about the same as it's been. The doctor told Jody not to take the strong medicine she had been taking when she would have 6 or more contractions in an hour any more. She also said if we haven't had the baby by next week she'll take us off the other medication too. Jody celebrated by making me take her to Target to get some baby stuff! She got to ride around in an electric cart. I wish I had a picture.

Today is 35 weeks! Jody's belly has gotten a lot bigger since we've been here. Please pray for her. She's not sleeping well because of the continual contractions. She's tired. Pray that our baby would come in the Lord's perfect timing and that she wouldn't have to be in the ICU at all.

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Anonymous said...

Wow--she is gorgeous! Matt you are awesome at keeping everyone up-to-date! Jody you look great and you are going to have a blast dressing Jennalynn up! Congratulations--I can't wait to see you guys!

P.s. Love the "wedgie" story!
Love Rachel