Monday, January 01, 2007


Happy New Year! We’re looking forward to starting a new year, although it’s starting in a way I wouldn’t have expected. I never thought on January 1st, I’d be in the Ronald McDonald house in Bend, OR.

We had a great weekend with friends and family. They brought us tons of food, played games with us and had fun. I dominated in dominoes. Now it’s time for about 12 hours straight of college football bowl games.

Jody was so tired at breakfast this morning she almost fell asleep in her cereal…so I made her turn off her cell phone and made the front desk hold all our calls for a couple of hours. I apologize if you couldn’t get a hold, but she got a nice nap in.

We have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. We have no idea what to expect. We could be here another couple of weeks waiting for our baby to come or we could have her tomorrow. It’s all uncertain. Please pray for us and our little girl. Pray for perfect health and for Jody and the baby. Pray for patience and perseverance for us.

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