Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sweet little Jenna

Hi Everyone, thanks so much for all your notes of encouragement since Jenna was born. Our family and friends are amazing!

Jenna is still in the NICU learning how to nurse and just a little bit jaundiced. She's doing great though and we've fallen madly in love with her. We got to give her a little sponge bath last night (we forgot the camara...dang it) and I got to change a poopy diaper today. She's still pretty sleepy most of the time, but every now and then we get a glimpse of the McComas eating ability and the 'spicy' side that I'm sure she got from her Mother. Hopefully in the next day or two she'll start nursing more consistently.

Jody and I are doing well. We're still at the Ronald McDonald house and make the trip across the parking lot to go see Jenna every 3 hours. We can't wait till we get our girl without any gadgets attached to her and we're itching to get home to Bozeman.

If you haven't hear all our friends/co-staffers/students are moving us out of our condo this weekend. I feel so helpless in the process but so incredibly thankful that we're being taking care of. We close on our condo on tuesday and are moving into an apartment till our next place is done being built sometime in April. Please pray that this process goes well and I can help coordinate as much as possible over the phone.


Autumn & Sarah said...

I love how you say "got to" instead of "had to" change a poopy diaper! Good attitude considering it'll be a frequent occurance for the next two years! Glad you're all doing well!

Ginainchina said...

Congradulations you guys! Jenna looks beautiful. Amy just sent me your blogspot address and I just read it all :) Im glad everything is okay with Jenna... PTL. So, 2nd to the sweet pictures of your baby, my favorite picture is of Jody with your cat in the baby front pack, oh my gosh that is SOOOOOOOOO HILARIOUS!!! Gina (Benavidez) Pemberton. :)

Matt McComas said...

autumn & sarah: I can never tell who's it is that's commenting from you two.

gina! Great to hear from you. You must be bored to read my blog that far back.

Rachel said...

I'm so glad things are going well and I hope that you get to go home to Bozeman soon. I just can't imagine being so far away and moving on top of that. Post more pics when you get a chance. Jenna is so cute!
Rachel Norris

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt & Jody~CONGRATULATIONS on little Jenna being born & healthy! She is absolutely Beautiful! I would love to hear from you~Take Care~your in my prayers~