Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Doing well....

but Jenna's still in the hospital.

Please pray for her. She's turned the corner on eating. She's eating every meal now.

Tonight she gets a car seat study...meaning they put her in her car seat for about 3-4 hours and monitor her heart, breathing, etc. Pray that she passes with flying colors. If that goes well we get to move back into the hospital tomorrow night and if all goes well that night with us taking care of her then we get discharged! We are dieing to get home!

We got to give Jenna her first bath the other night.


Kristi said...

We are praying you'll be home soon! We know this great feeding and changing station in Missoula once you head our way. There's several actually. =) Can't wait to meet Jenna!

Love, Kevin & Kristi

Anonymous said...

I love to see beautiful Jenna. It brings me to tears to know I will not get to hold her and give you guys a hug since I am still sick! I pray for the day you guys get to go home soon! I am excited for you to be in your new home with your new precious bundle! You guys are troopers!
Love Rachel

Sonya Rygh said...

Praying for you and your trip home. Looking forward to the news that you are settled (or at least present) in your new home.

Autumn & Sarah said...

do you guys get to come home yet?