Friday, May 05, 2006

Spo-compton, Spo-vegas, Spo-meth-angeles, Spokane!

We stayed up way too late last night visiting with our dear friends Steve and Ashley, thus I almost fell asleep on I-90 as we drove to Spokane today.

As we rolled into Spokane I was reintroduced to the east-side (of Washington state) culture by way of oversized mufflers on honda civics and every other car having brain rattling base thumping...which I'm certain threw the rythym of my heart off today.

But what the heck, why fight it?! Today I'm going to embrace my Spo-compton roots! Sup dog? That's wack! Where my homies at?!



Autumn & Sarah said...

wiggedy wack?
no, just the regular type

Jaisen Pester said...

Hey, hope all is going well. We got down to Texas...only had a little bit of car trouble. Have fun in Spokane!