Monday, May 29, 2006

Movie Day

Because the weather has been a little crummy in Bozeman the last couple days, we decided to head to the movie theater today. Mission Impossible III was our choice...although I think Jody deep down wanted to see Over the Hedge. As we waited for it to start I had thought's about downloading the mission impossible ringtone for my phone and how I could play it in the middle of the movie and freak all the other movie goers out.

Actually what was more exciting was they showed the trailor to the movie Nacho Libre...the highly anticipated (in my mind) Jack Black movie coming out in early June. Jack Black plays a orphanage cook (his friend call him Nacho) turned aspiring Mexican wrestler, i.e. Lucadore, who has to make it big to help provide for his orphanage. Teenage humor always makes me laugh, although please don't regard this blog post as an endorsement of the movie or any other silly/witty banter that might otherwise make 16-27 year old males laugh.

"The children need your help Nacho!"

In other news my wife ran over a gopher the other day.


Joey C said...

Matt, Please adjust your age range from 16-27 to at least 30 years old. I'll be 30 next month, and I'm pretty sure I will still fit this category. I'll let you know if something changes.

Matt McComas said...

oh man, the big 3-0. I'd be a little nervous if I were you. I've still got 2 and half years of silly humor. Enjoy your last month!

Jody said...

I almost cried when I ran over that cute little thing. :(

Autumn & Sarah said...

aww, that's sad! Me and Genie ran over a squirrell yesterday too. I did cry. Apparently running over small woodland animals makes me not ashamed to cry in front of people :)

Anonymous said...

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