Monday, May 01, 2006

The Madison River Mother Day Caddis Hatch

This evening I went fishing... it was one of those few hours on the river that will linger in my memory for a while.

After a couple hours of wind gusts, that I'm sure measured on the hurricane scale as a category 3 or 4, a calmness broke through and the caddis fly's began to swarm everywhere including down the collar of my shirt, in my ears and at times up my nose. The sun sank behind mountains of the canyon. The fish began to rise.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a fish rise and swallow a bug...and then another...and then another.

For the nest 30-40 minutes it was pure bliss. Perfect conditions, perfect hole of water, perfect drift and perfect fish including a big ol' brown trout. Yippee!

The night was capped off as I drove home, by a beautiful sunset over the mighty Tobacco Root Mountains in my rear view mirror. Sometimes I can't help but just stand quietly and be in awe of God's creation.


jody said...

Obviously that wasen't enought to satisfy his appetite though. When he came home, well after dinner time I might add, he wanted a steak ready for him. Oh, funny man. I also got the night off. No steak for you.

Autumn & Sarah said...

Like a lei necklace!!! come on!

Autumn & Sarah said...

PS is jody a steak nazi?

Matt McComas said...

she is the steak nazi...she's making me wait 1 week before I can try and request a steak again...and then only if I ask correctly positioned and in a certain order.