Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mishaps happen

Everyone else wussed out because of bad weather reports...not me and Steve! Oh no, not us...we're men! We can handle anything! We're tough!

On Friday we headed south to Cliff lake with a canoe strapped to the top of the Subaru. A beautiful spot on the Hidden lakes chain.

The day was rainy (and slightly windy) yet beautiful in the wild Montana way. The lake was looked like a glacial lake somewhere up in British Columbia. The fishing was slow and kind of funny while trying to multi-task and paddle a canoe. The day came to a close and after hanging around the campfire for a while we went to sleep.

We awoke to snow! Yep that's right a little Memorial Day weekend present apparently. We figured canoeing while it's snowing, although interesting and possibly memorable, might be a little cold. So, we packed up our stuff...that's when things got interesting.

After loading all our stuff up all we had to do is get the canoe and tie it on top...

S: (generously) "I'll just warm up the car"

Seven seconds later as I'm headed down to get the canoe I hear the car door shut...

S: (horrified) Oh noooooooo!!!!!...I think I just locked the keys in the car!

M: (Incredulous) Nuh-uhhhh!???

We just kind of stood there for a moment, stoicly perhaps. The only sound being the windshield wipers wiping a a way the flakes that were falling

Thus began our problem solving moment of the to get into your car when all you have is a canoe, a 5-gallon bucket and some tie-down straps....and you're 30 miles from the nearest town AND it's snowing on May 27th!.

Long story broken window, cold fingers, a gracious campground neighbor, a borrowed truck, a long drive and our wives graciously rescued us by meeting us with spare keys and money.

Four hours later I'm at home reading a book and falling asleep on my couch...good times.


Jody said...

I may be a weeny when it comes to camping in rain and snow but I'm also a hero who came to the rescue. I think I still win!

Matt McComas said...

It's not a competition...and if it was I would be winning like one hundred million to 5.

Matt Mikalatos said...

Sounds like you're "falling asleep on your couch" because you're not allowed in your bed. BUSTED!

jody said...

I'm not sure what the competition is. I just meant winning in my choice of a weekend. And Matt's right, the couch it is. Doesn't he know by now the wife is always right?! he he he

Autumn & Sarah said...

haha. this post and all of the comments made me laugh out loud. This is embarassing because our dining room is being occupied by about 150 interp. rangers and they are listening to a speaker. OOPS!

oh, ahem, yeah, bummer about the snow!