Friday, May 19, 2006

Home again!

Sorry about the hiatus.

We're home after two weeks of traveling....Spokane, Pullman, Prineville, Spokane and back. We had 13 appointments regarding our ministry along with one open house that 30 people come to. I went catfish fishing and got sunburnt. We went to a beautifull wedding in Pullman. We had a great early Mothers day with my Mom and a great Mothers day celebration with my Mother-in-law. We cleaned out over 1800 lbs. of trash out of my Moms basement and took it to the dump. We went to REI four different times. We had frozen yogurt at our favorite place in Spokane. We drove roughly 1600 miles.

Good times.


Autumn & Sarah said...

You're crazy! Why? Just because.

Autumn & Sarah said...

So, I'm sleeping on my friend's couch for two more weeks until mine and Lexi's aparment opens up and I'm not far from you and Shana at all! And I drive by Katie Croft's house almost everyday! Beware!

Autumn & Sarah said...

P.S. the couch sleeper is me(Autumn) FYI