Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Heading out for Lake Tahoe!

We keep getting asked where the Lake Tahoe summer project is...well lucky for you I found some pictures of it. It's called Tallac Village. This is where all the students live. ...Rustic.

Day after tomorrow we head out to Lake Tahoe. We have to be there by 4pm on Saturday. Every summer we wrestle with how to pack for six weeks. You'd think we would have learned by now.

"Do we bring our toaster or not? What about our clothes, how cold will it be? Should I bring my lucky blanket or not?" ....important decisions, not to be taken lightly.


Autumn & Sarah said...

Even thought I lived in Tallac Village for 10 weeks it apparently did not occur to me to take pics of I think I'm gonna steal these from you! I'll prolly see you and Jody tonight when I come see Sarah!

Jaisen Pester said...

We're starting to know the packing issues too! Looks like it will be a great summer for you! Hope all is going well.