Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happing Thanksgiving!

I have a boatload to be thankful for. Including, but not limited to, my sweet wife and crazy little girl, my home, my job, the beautiful view of the Bridger mountains out the back window and of course the Spudzilla 9000 (more to come on this device in the next few days).

Last night, thanks to the History channel, I learned that the so called original Thanksgiving meal in 1621 featured a variety of meats such as turkey, swan, seal, duck, crane and partridge as well as some seafood, including cod, eel, clams and lobster.

Interestingly Cranberry sauce was not on the menu.

Today at our amazing Thanksgiving meal we had two guys from India join us for dinner. We were getting to know Nipun and Rajit when we asked them about the climate in the city they're from and Rajit responded,

"It's...(contemplative pause)

freakin' hot!"

much laughter ensued.

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