Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quantum of Solace

We were given some Movie bucks for the local cinema a couple months ago and finally got a chance to use them last night. We opted for the new James Bond movie. My official was so-so. One of the coolest things about the movie however, is the scene set in the middle of Siena, Italy during the Palio di Siena horse races, which Jody and I experienced a few years ago.
Anway, it wasn't nearly as good as Casino Royale. The action in the movie wasn't very creative and the sheer volume of it limited the character development. Plot was fairly predictable, yet hard to follow throughout (if that makes sense). It was nice to watch on the big screen, but I'm glad it was free for us.

In a side note, I never buy pop/candy/popcorn at the movies, but after we purchased our tickets we had some extra movie bucks, seven to be exact. I was all excited to buy some popcorn, candy and a couple of diet Cokes. I was midly disapointed when all I could afford with $7 was a large coke and handful of sour patch kids.

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frandy said...

Bond is back in action as the director says the title may be odd, but the plot is familiar. Yet again I am surprised with the action and technology used by the movie Quantum of Solace .One was Bond's cell phone camera capabilities, it is very much related to the current political frame I think Is where I saw and remarkable movie it will be.