Friday, November 14, 2008


Things I've enjoyed lately, in the following categories:

Internet: Apartment Therapy
A website all about decorating and enjoying your home. I have visions of someday being a cool, hip person with good taste.

Books: The Next Generation Leader, Andy Stanley
See me explanation in previous post.

Entertainment via TV: The current season of The Office; Frontline (PBS)
Question. Why do I schedule my thursday nights around The Office?

Fact: I can't help it, it's my guilty pleasure.

I think Frontline is one of the best TV programs there is...although I've only seen 3 episodes. Get online on watch it, specifically the one about the war in Afghanistan.

Cuisine: Hebrew National Hot Dogs
All beef hotdogs that are soooo tasty.

Outdoor recration: Flyfishing
When I spend time outside right now, there is nothing I'd rather do than go flyfishing. There have been multiple moments over the last few months where I've thought to myself, "this could be a scene from the movie A River Runs Through It." It doesn't hurt that a bunch of scenes were filmed right outside of Bozeman on the Gallatin River.

This "Things I've enjoyed lately" ideas was stolen from Alexis.

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John said...

andy stanley book is awesome. loved it!