Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jenna got tagged

Name/Meaning: Jennalynn Grace - God is Gracious

Age: 22.5 months

Nicknames: Jenna Bean, Peanut, Sweet Pea, Crazy

Favorite Activity (ies): Reading, going to the park and swinging, hanging out with our staff team, riding in the bike trailer, talking on the phone and lately pretending to be texting.

Favorite Food: Pizza, cold black beans (I know...weird), crackers, chocolate, cereal and quesadillas.

Least favorite food: anything nutritious especially veggies

Favorite Music: Hip-hop, and bluegrass and her favorite songs is Jesus Loves Me.

Favorite toys: Giant legos, blocks, books, little jungle animals, mommy and daddy's cell phones.

Favorite books: The Jesus Story book Bible (which I highly recomend for your parent out there), Good Night Moon, and Thomas the Train

What makes her happy: Being outside and being around people. Her blanky and seeing her grandparents. Lately her new veggietale movies...she goes craaazzzzy for them.

What makes her sad: I swear she has the spiritual gift of empathy like her mom, because she get's sad when others are sad. Other things include eating (about 90% of the time) and diaper rash. Diaper rash would make me sad too.

Jenna tags: Mckenzie, Lucy, Rosie, Z & A, Nathan

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heather said...

diaper rash makes shawn sad too :)