Monday, January 05, 2009

A New Year!

Well, my wife is hassling me to update my blog. I guess it's time. The recent delay in posting is mostly due to the reality of a sickness sucking the life out of me.

After spending Christmas with family in Oregon, we drove up the road to Portland for our annual Winter Conference (don't get me started on Oregon's chain restriction's ridiculous). We had a great time, worked hard and saw the Lord do some pretty neat stuff. In fact the second night 59 students gave their lives to Christ.

We picked up Jenna in Biggs, OR (I'm suprised you've never heard of it) and headed home after the conference. After staying the night with some dear friends in Spokane, which by the way has the more snow than I've ever seen at one time, we finally made it home. Then I made my way to bed and didn't leave the house for almost 72 hours.

Sometimes my life isn't that glamorous.

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Anonymous said...

i loved seeing you guys in p-town. and i like your new blog layout. how do you do that? you guys are the best!