Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Turning Two

Jenna, you turn two years old today. I can’t even fathom this reality. I know I’ll probably continue to say that every year on January 7th for the rest of my life, but the fact of the matter is that long gone are the days of an immobile infant. Now the pitter-patter (i.e. stomping) of little feet can be heard from all rooms of our house.

Jenna, you are a two year old who lives life with passion. This truth is one of my favorite things about you. Whether you’re coloring, dancing, laughing, crying, running, bathing, smiling, reading, playing, drinking, or trying to tickle Mommy and Daddy you do it with such determination and intensity. It’s as if your current activity is the most exhilarating thing you’ve ever done. You love life and people, and you have so much fun interacting with both.

I love the way you give “the pound” to everyone. I love the way you dance to the worship music at church. I love the way you recite all of our staff teams’ names. I love that you talk our ears off with a new word every minute. I love the sound of your laugh. I love that you love to be outside exploring your surrounding and politely saying hi to everyone who happens to pass by. I love that when you give me a kiss good night, often it’s not just one kiss but about 20 in rapid succession on my cheek only interrupted as you throw yourself into the crib for the night.

I can’t imagine life without you now…except before the hours of 7 am when you’re up and want to play and watch cartoons. Bet even at those unholy hours, all it takes is the hope of seeing your bright smile and hearing your little giggle to coax me out of bed and to join you for a snuggle on the couch and an episode of Wordworld on PBS.

You’ve changed my life for sure, making it far more complex and yet at the same time far more rich and beautiful than I’d ever imagined. I wouldn’t change it for anything. My prayer is that your third year is filled with even more amazing discoveries, exhilarating learning and laughing, and much joy for you and for me as your Father.

Now let’s go eat some birthday cake with passion.


Justin and Jessie said...

Matt, this was fun to read.

Anonymous said...

what a sweet post, one to treasure, as is your beautiful daughter!

Amy said...

sweet post and sweet picture of jenna :)