Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Recent events in the McComas household:

-had the alternator replaced in our car
-drove to Oregon almost avoiding storms last friday and saturday
-managed to avoid car wrecks on the rural 97 highway of central Oregon
-watched the Portland storm coverage that was on 24 hours a day
-watched my wife chop some wood yesterday (don't judge me... she wanted to)
-lamented the Gonzaga basketball teams recent losses
-struggled to nurse my dieing computer back to health
-almost cursed the spotty internet connection

Future events...depending on the weather:

-Christmas with family in Prineville
-Watch Jenna go crazy with all her new toys
-drive to Winter conference in Portland
-pray for students who are driving to the conference
-clear the snow out of the gutters and off of the room at the in-laws house
-probably almost curse the spotty internet connection again

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