Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Our life motto..."Always expect the unexpected." Or perhaps...."never plan anything, cause plans are bound to change."

Thursday we had a doctor's appointment in Bozeman. Everything was good and we got the ok to head to Prineville for Christmas. Half-way into our journey Jody began to have some contractions. We didn't think much of it...we were wrong.

Yesterday, after conferring with our doctor, we went into the hospital in Prineville, turns out Jody was partially dialated and got to ride in an ambulance to Bend, OR. So it looks like our baby girl might come a little early (33 weeks) and a long way from home.

Everything looks good. Baby and Momma are healthy and everything is good except that her uterus was changing. So Jody is taking some medicine to slow everything down and keep the baby in as long as possible, but it looks like we might be here a while. We're just hanging out waiting a day and we'll talk to the doctor tomorrow.

Please pray for us, for strength and rest.


Kevin & Kristi said...

So crazy! We love you both and will be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Matt, give me a call if you need anything (give me a call anyways), and we can drive it down to you in a couple of hours if need be.

Dave Hume

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy, we're praying for you guys.