Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I've been sucked into the olympics.

I don't normally cry watching TV or movies except anything related to sports stories...and especially the 'underdog beats all odds to win olympic medal' stories.

The sappiest romantic comedy or saddest drama has nothing on those human interest stories like the one about the russion gymnast whose son had leukemia so she moved to Germany and now is competing at the age of 33! Or how about just plain competition to get your eyes a little misty...like the amazing 4x100 swimming relay that the Americans pulled out over the trash talking French. I don't have anything against the French...just trash talking French.

My other thought about the Olympics: China's image obsession about their country seems to be backfiring on them a little bit. This came to a head with the little girl who was pulled from singing in the opening ceremonies because she wasn't perfect looking enough. "It was in the national interest." the organizers said.

Alright men's beach volleyball is on...I gotta go.

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