Thursday, January 10, 2008


Tomorrow we're headed to the land of the Maygars, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and goulash.


We'll be hanging out with staff from all over eastern europe and Russia at a conference. Should be a rocking good time. We have a duffle bag full of stuff (peanut butter, etc.) for our fellow Campus Crusade only weighs 46 lbs.

I've been to Budapest (pronounced Budapesht), but have not flown into Budapest before. So it should be a little bit of an adventure getting around the city. I'm also determined to partake of a Hungarian bath this time, but only if Pete Zagorda is with me.

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Amy said...

did you guys make it? i totally hope you blog while you're over there. i want to see you drinking coffee's or eating yummy food together. serious, this is like a 2nd honeymoon with some work involved! woohoo!