Saturday, January 19, 2008


Free wireless in the Budapest Airport!

We're on our way home.

We wrapped up our conference with STINTers from all over Eastern Europe and Russia. These recent graduates who have taken a year of their lives to invest in the lives of students in distant lands are heroes of the Faith to me. What a privelige it was for Jody and I to serve them all communion and give thanks to the Lord together. It's a been a busy time for us as we've done our best to bring encouragement and blessings specifically to the STINT team in Rijeka, Croatia.

The last two day we went to another city in Hungary where we gathered with over 1000 staff from 19 different countries for two days and now we head back to Montana (via Oregon to pick up Jenna). We had a great time meeting with Brooke and Hrvoje and talking through the Northwest partnership with Croatia.

Continue to pray for safe travels and that Jenna would have a great time with the Grandparents. So far everything is going well on the homefront with our daughter. We're excited to see her though!

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Amy said...

so cool! can't wait to see your pictures!