Monday, December 03, 2007

trying to simplify

How I'm wired.

I like to make make complex stuff simple.

They brought in a handful of campus staff from around the U.S. to give their input on a student tracker software. This is something that we in the field could use to track all evangelistic contacts and students who are involved. It's also a tool students could use to help them as they reach out to students around them. The issues are incredibly complex (alumni, confedentiality, student use, whole classes graduating every year, simplicity of use, high school, etc.) with lot's of tension of making complex stuff simple to use. So we'll see.

My input goes like this....make it visionary and energizing for students to use AND connect it to Facebook.

Facebook is the answer to everything. If it's not on your strategic plan it should be.

Wouldn't it be sweet if we could get on a website and see all the amazing stuff God is doing across the U.S. (and the world for that matter)? Wouldn't be great to see (or hear via rss) that two weeks ago 400 people were exposed to the Gospel at Eastern Washington University and 66 people placed their trust in Christ? If I were a student and heard that I would want to jump on board and trust the Lord to reach my campus.

Wouldn't it be great for me Mr. campus ministry guy to be able to get an accurate picture of what's going on at a particular campus, region, area? Or be able to see who the next emerging student leaders are from a campus ministry that I'm coaching 300 miles away (i.e. Havre, Montana)?

Anyway the possibilities are endless. Good thing we have 2 days to figure it out.


Ginainchina said...

what? my EWU? is that for real? gina

Alexis said...

Haha yes, two days should be plenty. And I am stoked about being in Hungary with you guys!

Matt Mikalatos said...

I wish they would invite me to these meetings, because I always have great solutions.

For instance: if you're looking for a "student tracker" why not inject subcutaneous tracking devices?

I can see your objection: The technology is not accessible yet.

My response: okay, fine, let's use prison bracelets.

Your objection: Too expensive.

My response: FINE! You are so picky. Let's just go the old fashioned way and get every campus a dog and teach it to track people. That would be awesome.