Saturday, December 15, 2007

off site

An "off-site" is a some sort of big corporate business term.

Anyway, last week our staff team went up to Big Sky to spend a couple of nights together. We worked, prayed, laughed, ate much good food, and watched all of season 1of The Office. Many good times were had. We stayed here...don't worry we didn't pay full price.

Action sequence of Thang and I tossing Jenna around.


Jennifer said...

where is the picture of you catching her?

Matt said...

I actually dropped her, thus I don't have a picture...just kidding

Megan said...

I hope Jody knew about this! I know you ended up ok after mom dropped you on your head but you don't need to risk that with Jenna! I love you guys.

Jody said...

I promise he caught her. I actually took those pictures. I figure if he hurts her while doing that kind of stuff I'll have pictures to prove it and he'll never do it again. We wouldn't let him forget it.