Thursday, October 12, 2006

A big group hug

Today I have a my first conference call. I feel like a big executive....but I'm not. It's with all the Northwest partnership coordinators...should be fun. Especially since Matt Mikalatos is leading the discussion. He's craaaazzzyyy!

What do you do on confence calls? Do I just listen. Is there some order of talking? Hhhmmmm...


Matt Mikalatos said...

You did just fine on your conference call. Good job! As I said on the phone, you have reached a new level of leadership.

Next time I will teach the newbies about the "mute" option on conference calls, allowing all the other nine people on the call not to hear the baristas and foam machines in the background of the call.

Paulo said...

Conference call eh, that is impressive! We Scots must be a bit behind the times, as westill have to go to the top of the nearest hill and shout real loud heh heh!