Monday, September 04, 2006

The stork commeth

I feel like this might open a can of worms, but I'm willing to take the chance. Why? Well because I love my loyal To and Fro readers.

Please enter suggestions for the name of our child (gender yet to be determined. I will then write all entries on a piece of paper and pull one out of a hat to decide what to name our child.

Note: My top two are Maverick (of course named after the lead character in the movie Top Gun), or 'The Hulk' (actually I like any name that starts with the word 'The').


Jody said...

I however reserve the right to veto anything I don't like which does include Mavrick and The Hulk. Funny, funny man.

Autumn & Sarah said...

Well, i have already been told that Sarah is not going to be the have no ideas for you.

Matt Mikalatos said...

At last! A chance to get some of my names our there.

Here they are:

1) Mancub

2) Nickeloxide

3) Michael Yoda Nickeloxide Mikalatos

Matt McComas said...

I do like the possability of a naming him/her after a mineral or 'bout Basalt or Feldspar or Kyonite or Nickel.

Danielle Warren said...

Augustus (we could call him gus-gus)


or how about Bob Schwahn McComas?

Shana said...

I like names with unique character. Maybe something like Dak. I had a friend named that once, he was cute. =)

Matt McComas said...

So far I've got:

Michael Yoda Nickeloxide Mikalatos
Augustus (Gus Gus for short)
Bob Schwahn


Mike & Aileen Kindsfater said...

You should name him/her a unisex name, but one that tends toward the opposite gender. For example, if it's a boy: Shannon, Ashley, or Cortney. If it's a girl: Ryan, Charlie, or Bobbie. OR you could name it Jomas. Jomas McComas. Rolls right off the tongue.

Jody said...

I think that you all have been smokin' something recently (Matt Mikalatos). You do make me laugh though. I'm glad you're all taking an interest in our child's name, although it's probably just so you can laugh at him/her with the crazy name. We'll be the friends who you say "Guess what they named their kid?!"

The Fritz's said...

That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard...picking your childs name out of a hat. Shame on you.

Matt Mikalatos said...

The real problem with picking a child's name out of a hat is that their name might end up being, "Stetson, Large, Made in China McComas".

pete zagorda said...

oh matt never cease to amaze do you?

John Rozelle said...

Since I have no children of my own, I feel obliged to open my personal vault. "Mookie" has alwas been a personal favorite, as well as "Geraldine" and "Harold".