Monday, August 28, 2006

The first week!

My last week... I Helped assemble 1000 packets of hangers on tuesday, helped organize the dispursement of them all on wednesday and thursday, helped students move in and tried to meet freshmen moving in on wednesday and thursday. Got accused of soliciting by campus authorities on wednesday...they threatened to take away all our student club privileges, had a sweet time of fun camping with my group of leaders on thursday night, had staff meeting on friday, went garage sailing on saturday, did a 10 mile hike/run up Blackmore Peak on Sunday, and finally today I spent all day on campus getting student leaders ready to lead small groups, making signs for dinnerline surveys, hanging out at Kinko's and getting Pete Zagorda settled and going in ministry.

Tomorrow we have tables in front of all the dining halls with a raffle for $200 of iTunes if people fill out a spiritual interest survey. Pray that it would be a great turn out of interested freshmen.

Tomorrow I meet with John and Luke who are leading the Valor ministry (ROTC ministry of Campus Crusade) and help them think through the start of the year. Pray for them as they take steps of faith.

Tomorrow I get to meet more freshmen in the residence halls and also continue to make sure all the small group leaders are off to a good start in leading there groups. Check out the blog I made for all our small group leaders.

Thanks for all your prayers during the busy time of year.
Assembling a bagillion hangers!
Our first child using the Baby Bjorn we got at a yard sale.

My buddy Zach enjoying the view at 10k feet up

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