Friday, February 05, 2010

Imaginary Jesus

Thanks to my good friend Matt Mikalatos and the people at Tyndale publishing I got my grubby little hands on an unedited version of Matt's new book called Imaginary Jesus. There's now easy way to say it, so I'll just say it....I liked it :)

It's a partially true story of the Matt's interaction with his imaginary Jesus's as they race across Portland Oregon and through time. There's a talking donkey and the rugged apostle Peter to keep him company in his quest to find the real Jesus.

I know Matt fairly well, so I know that he's wicked smart and slightly crazy, thus my expectations were set for a ruckus of a good time. Imaginary Jesus did not disappoint. Hilarious at times and deeply moving at times, I found my own wrong perceptions of Jesus challenged. This book taught me theology in way that helped it stick. I heartily recommend this book when it releases this spring.

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Matt Mikalatos said...

Thanks, Matt! You are a gentleman and a scholar.