Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Million Mile in a Thousand Years - Review

This book is good!

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years is the best book by Donald Miller since Blue Like Jazz. This book is an easy read and I caught myself laughing out loud multiple times and then reading sections to my wife. I can still picture his roommate Jordan getting pulled around the snowy streets of Portland, Oregon in a kayak and running into a tree.

In this book Donald Miller is awakened from a slump in his life by the chance to edit his own life for a movie. The process leads him into a greater understanding of what makes a life great and worth living. We follow Donald on his adventures hiking Machu Picchu as well as meeting his Dad, who he hasn't seen since childhood. Through these events Donald is forced into greater appreciation of how God wants to shape his story into something great.

This book challenges the current status of life. It’s honest, challenging, thought provoking, hilarious, inspiring and moving. I loved it. You’ll want to go out and ride your bike across America or dig wells for clean water in Africa after reading this. Donald Miller has grown up and I recommend reading this book.

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