Thursday, April 03, 2008


Sorry about the reprieve from blog posts...or maybe a 'you're welcome' is in order.

After having the flu, I had one good week and then last weekend I came down with a cold that I can't shake. I've felt crummy all week. The funny thing is that life continues even when you're sick.

Jody's Grandfather passed away on tuesday night, so Jody and Jenna flew out to Oregon to be with family for the weekend. We had been expecting it for a while, but it still seems sudden when we get the phone call...and then frantic trying to get a flight out the same day. Anyway, pray for Jody and her family that they would have some good time together.

In other news our summer project is only a month away. The last two weeks have been filled with the details needed for taking 17 people overseas for 6 weeks. I'm getting more and more excited for our trip. My sense is that God is going to do something really cool during our time there.

In other cute is this picture?

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