Monday, March 17, 2008

Mexico City

I got back from Mexico City yesterday. Jody and Jenna (both are sick) got back from Oregon on saturday. It always feels good to come home.

Mexico city was great. Our students from MSU were great.

Things we did:
-We pioneered new ministries on a bunch of campuses
-4 of our students led people to Christ.
-We ate a lot of tacos
-We saw some ancient Aztec pyramids
-Had a day of service in the city...I helped out at a boys home.
-rode the Mexico City subway
-had a public bus we were riding break down and then waited on the side of the road for a ride
-ate some more of which was cow tongue and mabye a little brain
-went to the zoo
-got lost a couple of times
-prayed for, dreamed about and trusted the Lord for transformation of the entire city of 28 million people


Joe Cross said...

matt! great to have you down bro. i want to actually hang out the next time your here!

thanks for the blog props man. looks like you've got a great one.

Dave Cross said...

I've visited those ziggs too. We ate lunch in a cave restaurant right by them. How bad would it hurt to fall down those stairs?

I didn't get lost in Mexico City, but I did get lost in Paris by myself when I was in high school.